"We shape our
buildings; thereafter
they shape us."

Winston Churchill

Vastu Creations

"The elements of all things, whatever their mode, observe an inner order. It is this form that makes the universe resemble God."

"Using the principles
of Vastu, you can
bring any building
into balance, attract beneficial energy, and enhance prosperity
and abundance."

"You are like an
energetic tuning fork!
You work best when
you are in harmony
with your environment."

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Meet Your Instructors:
Michael and Robin Mastro

Michael Mastro:

  • Introduced to meditation in 1968
  • Teacher of Transcendental Meditation 1970-1993
  • Five Year BA Degree in Architecture, University of Washington, focusing on Sustainable Housing
  • Designer for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (The Beatles Guru), in early 1970's, of spiritual centers around the world using principles of Vastu
  • A scholar of the Manasara, a major Vedic text of Vastu, and 17 other major Vastu Sanskrit texts, including Rajvallagh by Shilpa Charya Mandan
  • Honorary Masters in Vedic Science from Nagar Academy, Noida, India 1981
  • Over 30 years consulting people worldwide to achieve success through Vastu
  • Designed and built the first Microsoft building and several other buildings for Boeing according to Vastu tenets
  • Teacher of Meditation and Vedic Breathing for the Art of Living Foundation since 1993
  • As past CEO of Global Development, Michael was a leading builder in the Pacific Northwest with over 35 years experience in the construction industry, building over 20 million square feet of commercial space and 15,000 residences during his career
  • Past Member of the Board of Regents, Seattle University, Seattle, Washington
  • Vastu Architectural Designer and Presenter on Dr. Oz TV Show
  • Frequent blogger on the Dr. Oz Expert site
  • Monthly contributor of articles for The Chopra Lifestyle Newsletter
  • Master Vastu Consultant for The Chopra Center Online
  • Guest Speaker at The United Nations presenting Vastu - 2015

Robin Mastro:

  • Masters in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University specializing in Environmental Design
  • Extensive background and training in alternative healing and nutrition
  • Teacher of massage, yoga, meditation, and Vedic practices
  • Speakers bureau owner, life coach and media/advertising and marketing business owner
  • Co-founder of Computers for Kids and the Triology Method of Computer Education
  • Teacher of Vedic Breathing for the Art of Living Foundation since 1993
  • Designer of AltarWear - a line of transformative Vedic jewelry
  • Frequent blogger on the Dr. Oz Expert site
  • Monthly contributor of articles for The Chopra Lifestyle Newsletter

Michael and Robin Mastro

Michael and Robin Mastro:

  • Guest presenters on Vastu at Microsoft, Intel, NASA, World Bank, Amazon and Boeing, as well as Hindu Temples in the US, India and Germany
  • Founders of Vastu Creations, LLC
  • Founders of Balanced Books Publishing, a subsidiary of Vastu Creations
  • Founders of the American Institute of Vastu - developed curriculum course study and certification program in Vastu
  • The Mastros have written two multi award-winning books on Vastu: The Way of Vastu and Altars of Power and Grace
  •  The Mastros third book is Making Room for Mr. Right, Atria Books (a division of Simon & Schuster) 
  • Articles by the Mastros on Vastu appear on sites throughout the worldwide web
  • Written for national and international publications about Vastu
  • Nationally and internationally recognized leaders of Vastu
  • Designers of many Vastu-related products offered on their websites
  • Designed and built the first Vastu Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), 5-Star energy rated home
  • Teachers for the international humanitarian organization The Art of Living Foundation since 1993
  • Expert Bloggers for Dr. Oz.com
  • Contributor of Vastu articles on Chopra.com
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